Making airline safety sexy

Gulliver wrote recently about the transformation of safety videos over the past decade from informational snoozers that few flyers bothered watching to eye-catching sensations that are impossible to ignore. Virgin America led the way with a cartoon feature. But it was Air New Zealand that really ran with the concept when it made a video in 2009 with flight attendants and pilots in the buff, covered in body paint that closely resembled their uniforms. Two years later, it produced a flamboyant Richard Simmons-led effort. Its grandest production came in a Hobbit-themed feature in 2014, starring Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson.

The airline’s latest video, “Surfing Safari”, is comparatively modest. In place of the psychedelic displays and flying griffins of previous tapes, surfing champions from around the planet narrate this video. But the focus is so much on the…Continue reading

This post was originally published in the Economist.

Making airline safety sexy

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