Amp my ride

“THE car is the ultimate mobile device,” said Jeff Williams, an executive at Apple, last year. It was taken as another sign that the maker of iGadgets would be deepening its interest in the automotive sector (among other projects, it is developing an in-house smart car that is codenamed Project Titan). Now Samsung Electronics, its big rival in the smartphone world, is following. On November 14th the South Korean company said it would pay $8bn for Harman, a firm based in Stamford, Connecticut, that makes internet-connected audio, information and security systems for cars. The deal is Samsung’s largest ever, and the first big transaction for its vice-chairman and heir apparent, Lee Jae-yong, grandson of the firm’s founder.

Though it is best known for its sound systems, Harman is one of the world’s largest supplier of smart parts for “connected cars” that help owners to drive by linking to the internet and to chip-enabled devices. It made $7bn in revenue in the year to September, two-thirds or so of it from the car sector, and has over three times that in new orders. Its products are the first step towards autonomous vehicles. Over 30m…Continue reading

This post was originally published in the Economist.

Amp my ride

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